About Us

A Brief Introduction

Penddraig Parc is located in the hills just north of Briagolong, we specialise in breeding Ancient & Rare breeds of British livestock, including a small stud herd of Welsh Black Cattle, a flock of Wiltshire Horn Sheep & Wessex Saddleback Pigs.

We have a constant & regular supply of Wessex Saddleback Pigs for sale as breeders as well as for consumption.

At Penddraig Parc we believe strongly in promoting & working with ‘local’ businesses, hence keeping our environmental impact to a minimum by selling our meat within the ‘local’ community.

All our animals go to Gordyn's the local abattoirs near Sale; our meat is then processed by a certified butcher, Neville Vaux at Rosedale Butchers. Neville prepares all our meat for us, packages it & labels it as per our customers’ requests.

We can highly recommend our Wessex Saddleback Pork, Bacon & Hams as well as Sausages. Neville uses traditional methods to cure & smoke our Hams & Bacon (in a real smokehouse) .

Wessex Saddlebacks being an older & rare breed is slower to mature than  modern breeds of pigs. This slow maturation enhances the flavour of the meat as it is allowed to grow naturally, with no chemicals or drugs added to the feed. Ideally at about 20 weeks we can produce a pig that will supply approx 40kgs of meat, compared to modern breeds, this would be obtainable in 16 weeks with intensive feeding.

Our pigs are allowed to graze free-range in paddocks & within fenced off sections of bush, they have access to dust & mud wallows, as well as living in social groups of their own. Not in isolated concrete sties as in most commercial piggeries. 

Our meat is meat. Not meat that is ‘pumped’ with water, which evaporates when cooked & leaves an undesirable white film in the pan.

So the question is: It's a Rare Breed why would you eat it?

Answer: Because it’s mighty tasty, & by eating rare breed pork you are actually helping to preserve the breed.

Penddraig Parc offers something special, rare-breed, free-range heritage pork with outstanding flavour and juiciness, plus the added benefit of being ‘locally produced’.

For a great breakfast or supper – try Wessex Saddleback Bacon & Sausage add a couple of free range eggs, just the best!


·        We don’t pull or cut out their baby teeth.

·        We don’t chop their tails off.

·        We don’t de-tusk our mature boars.

·        We don’t castrate young boar piglets.

·        We don’t put nose rings in to prevent them from digging.

·        We don’t put the sows back to the boar immediately after weaning.

·        We don’t use farrowing crates or sow stalls.

·        We don’t wean the piglets off their mums at 3 weeks of age.

·        We don’t isolate our boars from other pigs.

·        We don’t use electric prods to move them with, we use patience!


We do encourage our pigs to live a natural piggy life, by digging in the soil, creating mud & dust wallows & living in family groups/herds.

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