Services provided by Penddraig Parc:

Our senior Pilot boar - at work! 


Our stud herd of Wessex Saddlebacks are raised for sale as breeding animals as well as for meat production.

Providing us with extremely tasty, healthy & flavoursome bacon, pork & smallgoods.

·         Pork – various cuts

·         Ham – from the leg (on the bone)

·         Bacon – various styles

·         Sausage – different types

·         Smallgoods* – Strasburg


                                    Polish Sausage

All our meat is processed by professional butchers, & is prepared to each customers individual specifications.

Hams & Bacon take upto 3-4 weeks to allow them time to cure & to hang in the smokehouse. Our hams & bacon are smoked in a traditional smokehouse slowly to enable the meat to be tender & dry, we do not have our meat "pumped" with water to add to the weight.

So when you fry our bacon all you have as residue in the pan is good ole fashioned bacon fat.(excellent for fried bread)!! yummy.


We have Stud Registered piglets for sale throughout the year. (Booking is essential).

As well as breeding sows & gilts available for sale.


We are more than happy to advise & co-ordinate breeding programs for interested folk.

Also we can advise & help you get established as a Wessex Saddleback Breeding Stud.

Hopefully to help you avoid some of the "hiccups" we had along the way.


We are registered members of the following -  

APBA - Australian Pig Breeders Association

BSBC -British Saddleback Breeders Club (UK)

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Pilot P18

Pilot T80

Pilot V05 (Sold)

Satelite V229

Alfred Y-- (our own original boar bloodline)


Adorabelle (Purebred)

Beatrice (Purebred)

Brith (Appendix 1)

Gladys (Purebred & Appendix 1 + 2 +3 )

Maggie (Appendix 1 + 2)

Pia (Appendix 1 + 2 + 3)

Pip (Appendix 1 + 2 + 3)

Sunset (Purebred)

HANDY ADDRESSES: (British Saddleback Breeders Club UK) (All piggy equipment & supplies) (Local produce of all sorts) (Meat direct from the Farmer)

Contact us for information on available Breeding stock for Sale: 

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